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General Community News

🤝 News from our community.

⭐ I’m excited to share The Berlin Life is partnering with SPICED Academy for a fun (and FREE) event on Thursday, May 30. Join us for an evening of talks, including a short keynote by me, where we’ll discuss working in Berlin and tips for finding a job. There will be drinks and food as well. Join us! 🍕

⭐ We still have open spots for our next networking dinner with our sub-community, Professional Women in Berlin, scheduled for June. Join us to meet cool and interesting women in Berlin, make new friends, build your network, and more. Get on the list and/or sign up to receive notices about similar events.

⭐ Get caught up and read last week’s newsletter: What Do You Like Most About Working in Germany? And if you’re new here, check our archives.

⭐ In last week’s poll, we asked readers – What do you like the most about working in Germany? 33% liked the high number of vacation days, 30% enjoyed taking sick days without worry, 33% dug the work/life balance, and 4% favored generous salaries.

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Food For Thought

💡 Interesting articles about the world of work and other random things.

⭐ Sriram Sampath, Head of Data Analytics @ Pleo, shares some solid advice about how to ace job interviews, including a major tip about keeping your introduction short and to the point. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve interviewed who talk for the loooongest time and quickly make me lose interest. 😔

⭐ Lena Kul, a UX Researcher @ Miro, offers up practical tips for creating a good job application.

⭐ Ben Meer, The Systems Guys, provided an awesome list of free resources where you can learn all of the things.

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Companies Hiring 

🇩🇪 German companies that are hiring right now. 

Sponge | Berlin

Trusted Shops | Cologne

Universal Music | Berlin

FUTRUE | Munich

Revolut | Berlin

Fanpage Karma | Berlin

German startups that recently received funding.

Vivalyx | Aachen | Jobs

Ovom Care | Berlin | Jobs

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News in Germany

🗞️ All of the news in Germany.

⭐ Germany’s 10 fastest-growing startup teams – Hint: more places for you to seek out work. These fast-growing companies focus on AI, carbon neutrality, and streamlining processes through digitalization. Worth a read – AI: Why German firms are lagging behind.

⭐ May 2024: 9 changes affecting expats in Germany – Changes include a complete ban on bringing an e-scooter on the BVG, nurses getting a raise, and flights getting more expensive.

⭐ EVG threatens German train disruption during Euros tournament – While the EVG isn’t legally allowed to strike under their collective bargaining agreement, they’re threatening to take other actions that could disrupt services during the Eurocup. They’re demanding safer working conditions due to facing a lot of passenger abuse. ⚽

⭐ Restaurant roundup: Where to eat out this May – Folks at The Berliner gave another stellar roundup of where to eat this month. Many are excited that a second Jones ice cream location has opened on the East side, near Mauerpark. In another round-up, they also highlight – What to do this May: Berlin’s best events this month.

⭐ ‘Far too low’: How millions of workers in Germany are earning less than €14 per hour – There are a lot of people in Germany struggling to make ends meet. Thankfully, the German Greens and ver.di are pushing for a 15-euro minimum wage.

⭐ FlixTrain announces largest expansion in company’s history – Meet your budget-friendly alternative to Deutsche Bahn when traveling around Germany this summer. 🚉

⭐ Germany’s economy shows slight upturn, raising hopes – People are slightly optimistic that Germany can shed off the sick man of Europe trope.

⭐ Visiting Germany as a foreign tourist: Who needs a visa? – Not everyone can just come to Germany, even if it’s just for a vacation. Check out who needs a visit to visit.

⭐ ‘Bridge days’: How to maximise public holidays like a German this May – We have two more public holidays this month, so get guidance on making the most of your time off.

⭐ 11,000 join “peaceful and relaxed” demonstration for May 1 – May 1 went down without issue. To learn more about the day’s history, we suggest reading, May Day in Berlin: Six highlights from 134 years of workers’ history.

⭐ Battling Tesla’s Gigafactory – It’s a camp that the German authorities haven’t shut down (yet). Learn about the protestor’s epic fight against Tesla.

⭐ Germany: Births, marriages hit lowest level since 2013 – The numbers aren’t improving, which means Germany will need more and more foreign workers to keep the economy ticking. In a country that still clings to fax machines, they are pondering using robots as caregivers.

⭐ “Blood rain” forecast for North Rhine-Westphalia – It’s not as scary as it sounds, but it still feels apocalyptic AF.

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Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

Hi, I’m Cheryl. My mission is to help you move to Berlin and find work.

A Canadian in Berlin for 10+ years, I have the unique experience of moving to Berlin – not once, but twice. During my time in Berlin, I’ve had five different visas and worked as both a freelancer and a permanent employee for numerous Berlin companies. I even managed to find a new job during the pandemic and again in 2023, during Germany’s recession and massive layoffs in tech. 

My day job has involved work as a hiring manager, overseeing the recruitment of countless people, as well as a team coach helping teams and individuals work better and find happiness in their careers. Through my side projects, I’ve also shared my personal experiences by publishing a series of helpful blog posts, creating a thriving community of job seekers, and hosting events to help people find work in Berlin. In 2021, I decided to put my coaching and recruiting talents to use by creating The Berlin Life, bringing my existing content and community together in one spot.

The combination of my personal and professional experience means I know exactly what it takes to move to Berlin and find work.