The Berlin Life is a community minded hub of information and services that makes moving to Berlin and finding work easier. With this in mind, we want our content to reflect a diverse set of voices by welcoming contributing writers.

The Pitch Process

1) If you’d like to write for us by contributing to our free guides section, send us a pitch by emailing [email protected] telling us how your guide will benefit our community.

2) Submissions must be about moving to Berlin, finding work in Berlin, and/or living in Berlin to be considered.

3) We’ll review your pitch and get back to you in a few days with our decision. 

4) If you’re a freelance writer not looking for advertising opportunities, we’ll provide a small amount of financial compensation. If you’re someone looking to promote your product or service, we’ll feature you for free depending on various factors. Email us to start a discussion.

4) If we accept your pitch, send us your guide (following our contributor’s guidelines), and we’ll publish it not long afterwards. Note – we reserve the right to edit all submissions, as well as remove the article at any time without notice.

5) Once published, we’ll let you know via email and send related payment, if applicable.

6) All guides will be shared to our Facebook community, sent to our newsletter subscribers, and shared on social media. As sharing is caring, we hope you’ll also share your article too. 😊


Contributor Guidelines

1) Your guide needs to be a minimum of 500 words, maximum 1,500 words.

2) The tone should be conversational, written in simple and concise English that can be easily understood by non-English speakers. Avoid using obscure cultural references, idioms, slang, etc.

3) The word expat, or similar non-inclusive language, should also be avoided.

4) The guide should align with our core values

5) If you’re writing about a product or service, a maximum of one link is permitted. The link will be set as no-follow. 

6) Photos are generally not accepted. If you think they’ll enrich the guide, we can discuss it further. 

6) Authors will be given full credit and featured as an author at The Berlin Life.  Be sure to include your preferred name, a two to three sentence bio, a website, as well as a photo with your submission.

Topics To Pitch

We’d really love authors to pitch us guides on a number of topics:

  • Guides about how bias impacts finding work in Berlin, be it because of age, race, gender, marital status, sexual preference, and more and how people can overcome the related difficulties, where they can find help, etc. Your article could feature primary accounts, combined with relevant supporting data and statistics.
  • How to guides about how to register your address, types of insurance to get, file taxes, invest their savings, and more. Anything to help people new to the country navigate German bureaucracy and succeed at building a life.  
  • Listicle articles profiling people or companies who help people move to Berlin, find work, and get settled here.

Whatever else you can think of! Tell us your best ideas. 

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