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Our Berlin Life guides cover all aspects of life in Berlin. From a lifestyle side, we cover the city’s best blogs, top podcasts, how to meet people, etc. We dole on advice about moving here, getting into how much it costs to move to Germany, highlighting the top relocation specialists, and more. Naturally, we talk about finding work in the German capital, including how to ace interviews, know which companies are hiring, and the best websites to look for jobs.

What are the most highly demanded jobs in Germany?

Find out which jobs are the most in-demand and the steps you can take to move to Germany for work.
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The Most Detailed Moving To Berlin Guide Out There

Learn about visa options, where to get a bank account, the best Berlin neighbourhoods, and more.
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The Ultimate Guide To German Job Interviews

Ace that German job interview with our expert tips. Know how to prepare in advance, what to do during the interview, as well as afterward.
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Master Life In The City With These Berlin Life Hacks

We advise on health insurance options, where to shop for food, who to contact for repair services, best locksmiths, movers etc.
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