CV & Cover Letter Quick Reviews

The Berlin Life - CV/Cover Letter Quick Review

Quick Reviews – €70

Have an experienced professional review your CV or cover letter. Receive extensive feedback including:

♥ Design and formatting suggestions

♥ Advice about how to adjust your CV or cover letter for the German labor market

♥ Insight into how to best position yourself with concrete suggestions about how to expand upon your experiences, skills, talents, etc.

Let me help you present the best version of yourself in your job applications so German employers will want to hire you.

Coaching Work
How Quick Reviews Work

1) Purchase a CV or cover letter review.

2) Once you complete payment, you’ll receive an email with more information.

3) You’ll have one week to send me your CV or cover letter, as well as tell me what type of role you’re applying for.

4) I’ll review your documents and send my feedback within one week from when I receive the needed information.

5) You’ll be sent a Google Doc link which only you and I have access to.

6) If you have any clarifying questions, you can email me.

Quick Reviews FAQ
1) Do quick reviews include feedback on BOTH my CV and cover letter?

No, they must be purchased separately.

2) Do quick reviews include online meetings?

No. If you want to discuss the written feedback, book a coaching session instead. See our Career Coaching page for more details. 😊

3) What happens if I don't send you the needed information within one week after purchase?

If you don’t get the information to me in a week, the opportunity for a quick review will close. You won’t receive any feedback on your CV or cover letter, nor a refund.

4) If I revise my CV or cover letter again in the future, will you review it once more?

No. The service includes one-time feedback. If you want further help, you’ll need to purchase another quick review or coaching session.

5) Do you offer discounts on quick reviews?

No. As this is already a budget friendly option in lieu of a coaching session, prices are as stated.

6) Do you offer refunds?

No, all sales are final.

7) What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, I accept credit card payments. If you don’t have one, email me and we’ll work out something else using Paypal, Wise, or a bank transfer.

8) Do you offer services in German?

Until I can better my language skills and/or hire support staff, services are provided in English only.