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Germany is all in for EURO 24 right now. Attend the Berlin Tech Jobs Fair to meet employers (and me, too). Students are set to get more financial help. AI potential is scary, for sure, but its potential for good will also change our lives for the better.

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The Berlin Life - Weekly Newsletter

Personal News & Musings

🫣 Sometimes, I’ll overshare and/or rant a bit.

⭐  This past week was difficult. I was halfway to Munich for a work trip when my train was canceled. What resulted was chaos, and I had no choice but to return to Berlin. I missed out on spending two fun-filled days collaborating with my colleagues. Mid-week, I also developed a bad cold, and I’ve been sleeping a lot and eating homemade chicken soup ever since.

⭐  This next week should be better (fingers crossed I can get out of bed!), as I am heading to Dresden to see AC/DC in concert.

General Community News

🤝 News from our community.

⭐ I’ll be at the Tech Jobs Fair here in Berlin this week. It’s your chance to connect with German companies and boost your chances of finding a job. If you’re there, send me a message so we can meet IRL.

⭐ Our next community event is on Tuesday, June 26. Want to join us for a beer at Cafe am Neuen See? Sign-up here.

⭐ Please read last week’s newsletter, My Tips on How to Write a German CV. For past editions, see our archives.

⭐ Last week’s poll asked readers: What is your favorite German food? 35% said it was Schnitzel and 41% professed their love for Käsespätzle. 24% said it was something else, and I’m so intrigued to know what it is!?

⭐ I can’t think of a question today, so let’s skip this week’s poll. If you have any suggestions, drop me a line.

Food For Thought

💡 Interesting articles about the world of work and other random things.

⭐ The German government has chosen 15 projects for its ‘Startup Factories‘ program, aiming to establish 5-10 startup factories linked to universities with strong spinout cultures and at least 50% private funding.

⭐ Neuralink’s first user describes how much his life has improved since receiving the implant. Now, if only Elon Musk focused his efforts more here rather than his usual X diatribes.

⭐ Cara, the new social app for creatives, skyrocketed from 40,000 to 650,000 users in just a week as artists, fed up with Meta’s restrictive AI policies, flocked to there.

⭐ The European Commission has unveiled Destination Earth (DestinE), an AI-powered digital twin of our planet that uses high-performance computing, AI, and vast data sources to simulate and predict climate with jaw-dropping precision.

⭐ I attended the Agile Learning Lab this week, where we discussed using AI at work. I learned soooo many cool new things, like that you can upload a photo of text written down on a sticky note or flip chart and that AI can transcribe the text for you, translate it into other languages, and summarize the main points. Check out the summary of our discussions. Banner

Companies Hiring 

🇩🇪 German companies that are hiring right now. 

⭐ foodspring | Berlin (10+ openings)

⭐ Copenhagen Energy | Berlin (2 openings)

⭐ doctari group | Berlin & Hamburg (15+ openings)

⭐ Patient 21 | Germany wide (70+ openings)

⭐ Kinetic Lights | Berlin (8 openings)

⭐ Plants Are Purple | Berlin (4 openings)

⭐ HonestDog | Berlin (8 jobs)

German startups that recently received funding.

⭐ ARX Robotics (€9 M) | Munich | Jobs

⭐ Cardino (€4 M) | Berlin | Jobs

⭐ Cognigy (€100 M) | Düsseldorf | Jobs

⭐ Black Semiconductor (€254 M) | Aachen | Jobs

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News in Germany

🗞️ All of the news in Germany.

⭐ Are you stressed from last weekend’s EU election results? Knowing that not many Berliners voted for the AfD may warm your heart.

⭐ If you plan to apply for German citizenship soon, explore this extensive collection of resources from The Local.

⭐ Decisions on planned German pension reforms are delayed because the coalition government can’t stop arguing. Luckily, other reforms passed, and students can now expect more financial assistance from the government. 

⭐ An unfortunate economic development is that a record number of German companies are filing for bankruptcy.

⭐ Plans to create a centralized EU-wide talent pool platform are coming closer to fruition. The platform aims to make job seeking for third-party nationals much easier.

⭐ German weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall plans to hire laid-off auto industry workers in other labor developments. The company is set to make €10 billion in profit this year. Meanwhile, the government wants to increase the number of soldiers in the Bundeswehr (German army). They’ve devised a plan to boost volunteers while avoiding outright conscription.

⭐ Parents in Berlin are struggling to have children, which is quite concerning as “fertility struggles are on the rise, with 17.5% of people worldwide affected.”

⭐ Berlin is making smart moves through their work on an initiative to collect and store rainwater to help mitigate droughts and flooding caused by extreme weather. Continuing with good news, Germany’s most watched news program will also be offered in “simple German” – making it easier for those learning the language to understand.

⭐ This headline is too pun-worthy to paraphrase, “Germany’s budding cannabis industry set to flourish.”

⭐ Berlin has always been good at second-hand – from fixing bikes to giving away stuff on the street.

⭐ If you love celebrating the annual Fête de la Musique in Berlin, don’t miss this roundup of the related events.

⭐ If you’re in Berlin and wondering where to watch all of the EURO 2024 matches, check out this list. One of the best places for public viewings is the Fan Mile setup at Brandenburger Tor. Visitors to Dortmund can also visit the German Football Museum. File this one under humourous news – today’s match between England and Serbia will feature a beer cap with very watered-down beers.

⭐ If you plan to travel to the Baltic Sea this summer, read this guide for travel tips

⭐ Need to get your laps in? Check out this list of the best open-air swimming spots in Berlin.

⭐ You may be curious to learn that the inventor of the condom hailed from Berlin.

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Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

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My day job has involved work as a hiring manager, overseeing the recruitment of countless people, as well as a team coach helping teams and individuals work better and find happiness in their careers. Through my side projects, I’ve also shared my personal experiences by publishing a series of helpful blog posts, creating a thriving community of job seekers, and hosting events to help people find work in Berlin. In 2021, I decided to put my coaching and recruiting talents to use by creating The Berlin Life, bringing my existing content and community together in one spot.

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