What’s on this week? I jumped on a soapbox and talked about why I stopped using the word expat. Tons of German startups received funding this week and might be hiring soon. You can buy illegal beer in Berlin because it was made by women. The German government is dreaming and says we all have the right to fast internet.

We cover all of this and more in our Mar 17, 2024 edition of The Berlin Life newsletter.

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The Berlin Life - Weekly Newsletter

Personal News

Sometimes, I’m going to overshare.

Sometimes, I’m going to overshare and/or rant a bit. Today it’s a rant …

Why You Should Stop Using the Word Expat in Germany I wrote about why I stopped using the word and how you should too. Give it a read and if you like, continue the discussions in our Facebook or Slack groups.

⭐  I’m also interested to know what the community thinks right now compared to when I asked that question in 2021. Take part in the poll

General Community News

News from The Berlin Life community.

We have two community events coming up in April, a general mixer, as well as a ladies’ networking dinner. Will we see you there?

The results of last week’s poll are in – 32% of you like working from home, 19% are fans of being in the office, and 49% like the hybrid option.

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Food For Thought

Interesting articles about the art of looking for work, humourous memes, or other useful gems floating around the web.

⭐ Aydan Baghirova, a German Integration & Career Expert, shares the profile of Agshin Naghi, who specializes in helping people land finance-related jobs in Germany.

⭐ David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO and co-founder of 37 Signals, goes on an unhinged rant on LinkedIn where he encourages people to work no matter what.

⭐ BlackinTech Berlin offers insightful tips on how to build up your professional network.

⭐ Tammo Strunk of Find a Job in Germany speaks the truth by pointing out that a job seeker visa doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a job. Banner

Companies Hiring

German companies hiring right now. 

⭐ Eurowings | Germany-wide & remote

⭐ Kraken | Germany-wide

⭐ Carglass | Germany-wide

⭐ msg | Germany-wide

⭐ FUNKE | Germany-wide

⭐ ZEISS | Germany-wide

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 German Startup News

German startups that recently received funding, were acquired, built up staff, etc., and could be good places to look for jobs.

Steadybit | Solingen | Jobs

AQUATY | Münster | Jobs

Frontnow | Berlin | Jobs

Quantistry | Berlin | Jobs

Polar Signals | Berlin | Jobs

Spherity | Dortmund | Jobs

Autonomo | Hamburg | Jobs

Tomorrow Things | Bonn | Jobs

Tubulis | Munich | Jobs

NeoTaste | Berlin | Jobs

Mindfuel | Munich | Jobs

acto | Paderborn | Jobs

naro | Cologne | Jobs

News in Germany

All of the news in Germany.

Germany sells more e-bikes than standard bikes for the first time – An uber-cool development. I’m even thinking about getting one myself before summer.

Berlin’s techno scene added to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list – In “big” news this week, techno fans everywhere are rejoicing that the local techno scene is now on the UNESCO list.

Germany eyes Filipino nurses to ease labor shortage – Germany continues to partner with other countries like the Philippines (and previously Vietnam) to attract nurses.

Ma-Makan: Berlin’s first Southeast Asian kopitiam – Head to Berlin’s first kopitiam (a sort of Imbiss found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and southern Thailand) for some delicious Southeast Asian food.

No strikes as Deutsche Bahn, train drivers to resume talks – Commuters may be relieved to know there shouldn’t be any train strikes for the time being as the two sides are set to resume talks. Meanwhile, despite numerous strikes by Lufthansa workers, they were recently gifted with the title of the EU’s best airline.

Where to get a great pint of Guinness in Berlin – Timely for St. Paddy’s Day this weekend, Exberliner (soon to be renamed Berliner!) profiles some of the top spots to nab a Guinness.

Germany’s “right to fast internet” law implemented for the first time – Another one to be skeptical about, but wouldn’t it be nice to have fast internet here?

Germany will reduce paper bureaucracy with new law – It sounds promising and will save the country a lot of money.

The surprising history of Berlin’s Nikolaiviertel – Dive deeper into the story of Berlin’s historic Old Town (one that pales in comparison to those in other German cities).

Airbnb: Berlin court deals blow to holiday home platform – Up to 10,000 more apartments could go back on the market should a new law go into effect.

World’s most illegal beer goes on sale in Berlin – If you’re thirsty for the world’s most illegal beer, get in Berlin because where else could you get it?

German court to rule on ‘suspected extremism’ status for AfD – The racist far-right party that wants to deport all foreigners, as well as some people who already have citizenship, might soon be classified as an extremist group.

March 2024: 10 changes affecting expats in Germany – Easter’s coming, organ donor registration can be done online, and energy consumption rates will have to be displayed on household devices. And be sure to read our guide about how to save energy (and money) in Germany.

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Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

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A Canadian in Berlin for 10+ years, I have the unique experience of moving to Berlin – not once, but twice. During my time in Berlin, I’ve had five different visas and worked as both a freelancer and a permanent employee for numerous Berlin companies. I even managed to find a new job during the pandemic and again in 2023, during Germany’s recession and massive layoffs in tech. 

My day job has involved work as a hiring manager, overseeing the recruitment of countless people, as well as a team coach helping teams and individuals work better and find happiness in their careers. Through my side projects, I’ve also shared my personal experiences by publishing a series of helpful blog posts, creating a thriving community of job seekers, and hosting events to help people find work in Berlin. In 2021, I decided to put my coaching and recruiting talents to use by creating The Berlin Life, bringing my existing content and community together in one spot.

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