What’s on this week? Get advice on how to handle weight bias and discrimination at work. Ye was in Berlin and went to get a Döner. Chancellor Scholz wants foreigners to get German citizenship.

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General Community News

🤝 News from our community.

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Sites to look for work in Germany

Food For Thought

💡 Interesting articles about the world of work and other random things.

⭐ ​How to Deal With Weight Bias and Discrimination at Work – Something that many people unfortunately deal with in the workplace and this article recommends various ways you can handle the bias and discrimination.

Betty Friedan and America’s forgotten feminists – If you really want to call yourself a feminist, you gotta be familiar with the history of the movement. This review of the book The Women of NOW will have you purchasing the book in no time.

​⭐ Working hours in the EU – If you’re not from European employment laws, it’s a good idea to find out what your rights are in the workplace from a vacation, break, and overtime perspective. Aside from outlining the minimum EU-wide regulations, you can also search for country-specific regulations.

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Companies Hiring 

🇩🇪 German companies that are hiring right now. 

⭐ ​Bettermile (Berlin)

⭐ ​Wargaming (Berlin)

​⭐ Airbus (Germany)

​⭐ Taxfix (Berlin)

​⭐ Adobe (Germany)

​⭐ Femtasy (Berlin & remote)

⭐ ​commercetools (Germany)

⭐ ​Vimcar (Berlin & remote)

German startups that recently received funding.

⭐ Germany-based Circula raises €12M, announces expansion to the Netherlands (👉 Job openings)

⭐ ​VIDA’s ESG risk management software attracts €3M investment from Cusp Capital (👉 Job openings)

⭐ ​Berlin-based Ostrom picks up extra €7.5 million in order to advance Europe’s green energy transition ( 👉Job openings)

⭐ ​German PE investor SHS Capital closes €270 million sixth fund to bet hard on European healthcare

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News in Germany

🗞️ All of the news in Germany.

⭐ ​A map of hiking trails around Berlin – all accessible by public transit Shoutout to All About Berlin for sharing this brilliant map on Twitter.

⭐ Skulls taken from colonial Africa set to return from Berlin? – Nazi Germany isn’t the only dark chapter of the country’s history. Colonizers of Germany’s former East Africa brought human remains with them back to Germany. Work is now being done to return the remains to their rightful home so proper burial can take place.

⭐ Sustainable restaurants in Berlin – If you’re looking for no-waste, organic, vegan, etc. restaurants, look no further than this list from Visit Berlin.

⭐ ​The Forbidden City: inside the abandoned Soviet camp of Wünsdorf – A day trip from Berlin, you can tour a huge abandoned military complex once headquarters to the Nazis and later, the Soviets.

⭐ ​Climate activists spray paint Brandenburger Tor – Sigh! Why does activism have to involve destroying beautiful and culturally historic things? I support their cause but not their methods. Apparently, we can expect a lot more disruptions in the near future.

⭐ Where Germany stands on refugees and asylum – With a record number of people migrating to Europe (especially in Lampedusa right now), where does Germany stand on the issue?

⭐ ​Unemployment rises in Germany as job vacancies remain at ‘high level’ – There are tons of jobs out there but German companies are having a tough time filling them.

⭐ Tardy trains: Germany pledges major rail network upgrade – If all goes to plan, we can expect to see some major improvements to rail networks in Germany in the coming years.

⭐ Germany likely to pass 50% mark for renewable power this year – minister – This is a pretty rad accomplishment. A rare kudos goes out to Germany for making some actual progress! 🙌

⭐ Germans are smoking more in 2023, figures reveal – As a former smoker (I quit during the early days of the pandemic), I understand the allure of smoking but wow, that more people are smoking now is mind-blogging. 🚬

⭐ Inside Berlin’s Tegel airport three years after it closed – A video taking you through how Tegel is being used now and the grand plans for its future. Oddly, there is no mention of how the airport is currently being used to house refugees. To me, that’s not something you leave out as it shows an extremely important view of how the building is being used and I find it unfortunate that it was completely left out of the news clip.

⭐ Germany set to launch its largest-ever 4-day week trial – German companies can sign up to take part in a nationwide pilot of a four-day work week. Now I have to see if I can convince my employer to get on the reduced work week train.

⭐ The Low-Stakes Race to Crack an Encrypted German U-Boat Message – Code geeks still get together today to decipher age-old encrypted messages from WWII.

⭐ Germany: How can rural regions attract workers from abroad? – If you think German companies in big cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt had problems finding talent, imagine the challenge for companies in smaller cities and towns.

⭐ ​Kanye West queues up at Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab – Ye recently went to Mustafa’s for their (overhyped) Döner and they wouldn’t let him jump the queue. 🤡

⭐ German Health Minister recommends new Covid jab as infections increase – I feel like I know more and more people coming down with COVID again. You may want to think about loading up on another vax to stay healthy this fall and winter.

⭐ Chancellor Scholz encourages foreigners to apply for German citizenship – The new citizenship laws continue to make their way through Germany’s bureaucracy machine and Chancellor Scholz is encouraging everyone to take advantage of the opportunity.

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