What’s on this week? People like working in Germany, and we want to know what you like the most about working here. There were tons of funding announcements this week, meaning plenty of new job opportunities. German trains are set to get privacy cabins for video calls … or for getting close to your lover. 😂

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Personal News

🫣 Sometimes, I’ll overshare and/or rant a bit.

⭐ Well, that was embarrassing! You may have noticed I accidentally sent a draft newsletter email earlier this week. I’m currently overwhelmed with work, have been running on autopilot, and wasn’t thinking. My apologies.

⭐ On a more positive note, this week, I received my first income tax refund in years. I also found super-cute Haribo-scented candles at Netto.

⭐ This week, I want to give another shoutout to Berlin Events Weekly, who can help you figure out “What should I do this week in Berlin?” They deliver the best events and activities to your inbox every Sunday, making it easy to plan your week. Plus, you can join their community members at these events through dedicated Telegram Groups, adding even more fun to connecting with others.

General Community News

🤝 News from our community.

⭐ This week, we had a lovely networking dinner at District Mot with our Professional Women in Berlin group. Our next event is in June. Get on the list and/or sign up to receive notices about similar events. 🌸

⭐ You can catch up if you missed last week’s newsletter: LinkedIn Rates Germany’s 10 Best Employers in 2024. And if you’re new here, check our archives.

⭐ In last week’s poll, we asked readers – “Have you ever lied on a job application – either your cover letter or CV?” 39% of respondents confessed to lying, 42% claimed to be honest, and 19% wondered if they should exaggerate more. 🫠

⭐ Participate in this week’s poll and tell us what you like most about working in Germany. Take the poll

Food For Thought

💡 Interesting articles about the world of work and other random things.

⭐ Nikita Gupta, co-founder of Careerflow.ai, recently shared an extensive list of helpful resources for job seekers.

⭐ Ben Meer, The Systems Guy, offers five models to help you take things less personally.

⭐ Andrew Bolis, an AI and marketing consultant, rounded up 10 LinkedIn courses provided by industry leaders.

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Companies Hiring 

🇩🇪 German companies that are hiring right now. 

Ramboll | Various locations across Germany

Tagueri | Various locations across Germany

SolarX | Berlin

EarthStream Global | Various locations across Germany

Berlin Bytes | Berlin

join.com | Berlin

German startups that recently received funding.

Cultimate Foods | Berlin | Jobs

Deltia.AI | Berlin | Jobs

goodcarbon | Berlin | Jobs

Langdock | Berlin | Jobs

MARK-PILOT | Esslingen | Jobs

neurocare | Munich | Jobs

Octomind | Karlsruhe | Jobs

Parloa | Berlin | Jobs

roclub | Berlin | Jobs

Smart Reporting | Munich | Jobs

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News in Germany

🗞️ All of the news in Germany.

⭐ How to minimise your salary deductions while working in Germany – As a newbie in Germany, it can be hard to figure out money matters. Follow these tips to ensure you’re making the most out of your salary. Also, check out how AbfindungsHero helps dismissed expats get fair severance pay to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of by your employers.

⭐ Cocaine stashed in banana crates at seven Lidl supermarkets – Believe it or not, this is not the first time cocaine has been found in banana boxes at the supermarket. 🍌

⭐ Germany ranked fifth most popular destination for foreign workers – Despite various barriers and other noteworthy things we all love to complain about, people still like working here.

⭐ Munich voted among best cities for a peaceful life – So opposite to the noisy, party-loving Berlin! I’ll be visiting Munich on a work trip in June and can’t wait to experience the city again.

⭐ How are foreign doctors faring in Germany? Twelve percent of the medical workforce in Germany is comprised of foreign workers, many of whom face challenges when settling into their careers here. Also, Filipino nurses in Germany report their struggles with the language.

⭐ German trains to introduce ‘smooch cabins’ with frosted glass where passengers can ‘cuddle’ – “This two-person cabin, measuring 2m x 70 cm, would have glass that passengers could change from transparent to frosted by pushing a button in the armrest.” 💋

⭐ Berlin plans two monuments to migrants – Local politician Sevim Aydin, a daughter of immigrant parents, started a project calling for the country to recognize migrants’ contributions to Germany’s success.

⭐ Highs of 27C forecast for Germany on May 1 holiday – OH YEAH! Gorgeous weather is predicted for the May 1 holiday on Wednesday. Check our list of public holidays in Berlin to see what other days we get off this month. 😎

⭐ ‘A good start’: Germany, Spain and France propose billionaire tax to help tackle climate crisis – As Germany has its fair share of billionaires, I looooove this idea.

⭐ Everything you need to know about the €49 and €29 tickets – Practical advice on cost-saving public transport tickets.

⭐ Germany’s Looong Love Affair with the Fax Machine May Be Coming to an End – Count me in the “I’ll believe it when I see” group. Also, Berlin now has a museum for insane bureaucracy.

⭐ Germans have positive view of the state, survey finds – Germans have a more positive view of the state than they did 30 years ago but still worry about things like inflation, education, and crime prevention.

⭐ ‘Cliched’: Turkish-Germans react as president brings kebab on Istanbul trip – People weren’t happy with the German president’s decision to bring Döner on his recent visit to Türkiye.

⭐ Germany targeting Indian students to address labor shortages – Germany is going hard to attract students from India to study and work in Germany.

⭐ 11 Cafés in the sunshine – Visit Berlin rounds up some of the best cafés to enjoy this summer-like weather.

⭐ In clubbing news, Berghain is ranked the 13th best club in the world, and KitKatClub turns 30.

⭐ Meet the tech boot camp helping migrants find new career opportunities in Germany – Enroll in their full-time program to learn to code and speak German within six months. It’s pretty cool how they help you boost your tech skills and language level at the same time. ❤️

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Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

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