The Berlin Life has a Facebook group to help people move to Berlin and find work. With more than 8,000 people, our thriving and growing community is a resource like no other.

We share success tips, host exclusive events, provide useful resources, feature local job postings, and more. It’s also a place to connect with fellow job seekers to find support and inspiration.

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I’m new! How do I make the most of this group?

1) Introduce yourself to using any of the intro threads. Tell us about where you’re from, your experience, education, and your hopes and dreams for Berlin.

2) Ask questions and most of all, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s more than 8,000 people in our community who are there for you. If you’re struggling to find work, want to know about visa requirements, where to look for jobs, how to format your CV, and more, this is the place to ask. Maybe you want someone to review your CV and give feedback? Just put it out there, whatever is on your mind.

Note, the group exists to provide advice and support, but posts just straight up asking for a job or a flat won’t be accepted as it’s not helpful content for the larger community.  

3) We mostly speak English, but you’re most welcome to post in any language. 

4) Celebrate your wins! If you found a job in Berlin, tell us your story. We’d love to hear how your job search and recruiting experience were.

5) Share the love. If you find a job and your company is hiring, post here. If you see a cool job advertised somewhere, post here too!

6) Offer your support to others, take part in discussions, etc.

7) Use the group’s search function to see if answers to your questions are already there. There’s a lot of valuable information sprinkled throughout the archives.

Do you have questions about this group? Ideas to make it better? We’d love to hear your feedback! 

What are the requirements for posting job opportunities in our group?

1) Search through the group first to see if your company is already featured. If there’s been no postings during the past month, feel free to proceed. Otherwise, please wait 30 days before posting again.

2) Create a post telling us your company is hiring. Ensure your company is based Berlin and/or is offering remote work options. Tell us your company name and link to your careers or a specific job description page.

Some further things to consider:
– Your company needs to have an imprint or impression on your website confirming you’re a legitimate business.
– Posts about crypto currency, work from home schemes, or referral links to sign up new Lieferando or Wolt employees won’t be accepted.
– Posts from recruiting firms are generally not permitted.

3) All posts are moderated and reviewed by an admin. If you don’t meet the requirements outlined above, your post might be rejected. Don’t submit the same post multiple times. Wait for approval, as the group is checked at least once a day, if not more.

4) Once approved, don’t continue to edit your post or comments on it to bump it up in the group. That’s spammy and will result in the post immediately being removed.

Thanks for your support and understanding! These requirements are in place to keep content in our group spam-free, useful, and relevant for The Berlin Life community.