We highlight the many ways you can help and support Ukrainians In Berlin, as well as others fleeing the war, including where to volunteer, how and what to donate (be it cash or donations in kind), where to register as a host, and much more.

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Stand with Ukraine and against Russian oppression. Assist those affected by the war living in Berlin. The German capital is full of kind and generous people working tirelessly to help, and even though it’s more than two years into this unjust war, they still urgently need our support.

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Attend Protests, Marches, Vigils 

One way to feel like you’re taking part in something bigger and supporting Ukrainians is to attend a protest, march, or vigil:

1) Vitsche Berlin – An organization of young Ukrainians in Berlin. In addition to organizing demonstrations, they further offer a place for Ukrainians in Berlin to ask for help, as well as ample opportunity for you to offer up your help, be it a donation, offering to drive someone to a destination beyond Berlin, a platform to become a supportive friend to a Ukrainian and more. 

Donate Critical Items

Local aid organizations don’t just need your cash; they need Berliners to donate items in kind:

1) Ukraine Hilfe Berlin – Before donating, read their FAQ (currently only in German) and their current material needs.

2) Arrival Center – Here, you can view a list of items needed at Berlin’s Arrival Center. Read through the tasks and donate a combination of needed items. Note – at times, the list may be empty, but due to the dynamics of the war, this can change anytime.

3) Spendenbruecke – This local initiative at Tempelhof needs volunteers. They also accept much needed cash donations as well. 

4) Moabit Hilfts – This NGO helps refugees coming to Berlin, no matter where they are from. The need for help has increased significantly since the war. You can donate items by reading their needs list. They also need volunteers and financial support, either one-time or recurring donations.

5) Rückenwind – Donate a bicycle or volunteer as a bike mechanic to this great organization that provides free bikes to refugees.

6) Plast Ukrainischer Pfadfinderbund in Deutschland e.V. – This German NGO is part of the Boy Scouts. They accept cash donations for medical needs (purchases of ambulances, bringing related supplies to different areas across the country) and offer support for internally displaced people in Ukraine and for refugees in Germany.

7) Ukrainian Orthodox Church In Germany – They host special prayer events and regularly send aid to Ukraine – actually 200+ tons of goods to date. Visit their site to donate and find out ways to help.

8) Allianz Ukrainisher Organisationen Berlin – Check out this extensive, not to mention constantly updated list, to find out what items critical items are needed for donation.

Education Opportunities for Ukrainians

Education opportunities to help Ukrainians settle wherever they’ve landed and improve their success at finding work:

1) Blue Road Academy – Refugees from all backgrounds can get upskilled through Salesforce training and get help with job placement when their education is complete. The program runs in Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg.

2) ENGinSign up on their portal to partner with young Ukrainians and help them learn English through casual online conversations. Note that this isn’t specific to Berlin, but as it’s such a lovely program, we’ve included it in this roundup.

2) Masters of Marketing (MoM) – MoM is offering a free online digital marketing course specifically designed to empower Ukrainians with valuable skills and enhance their job prospects in the digital economy. The course covers various topics, from SEO and content marketing to social media advertising and analytics. The course is offered in German, and a B1 level is required.

Hire Ukrainian Talent 

Local employers can help Ukrainians by hiring them. There are some amazing Berlin (and German) based initiatives that have attracted tons of big-name partner companies:

1) UA Talents – Established by a group of Ukrainians wanting to use tech for good, UA Talents is a job platform to help displaced Ukrainians within the country or anyone who has to leave. Companies from all across Europe can post their job openings here and hire someone who lost their job due to the war.

2) Jobbörse.de – This established job platform has a special section for refugees and employers can post their job ads for free here as well.

3) Looking for job or gig from Ukraine🇺🇦 IT agencies and freelancers open for work / 🖤 Companies offering work – Homegrown spreadsheets featuring all sorts of talented freelancers looking for a job.

4) Kontist – Has a page dedicated to helping Ukrainians get set up as freelancers in Germany.

Offer Shelter To Ukrainians (And Their Pets Too)

While the government is doing its best to accommodate Ukrainians and others fleeing the war, people across Germany continue to offer places in their homes:

1) Unterkunft Ukraine – While you can no longer register an offer to host refugees, this state owned project needs donations to help people find proper acommodation in Germany.

2) Berliners Help Ukrainians / Hosting People Coming From Ukraine To Berlin – You can also use these Telegram groups. Note that the pace of communication in the groups can get quite overwhelming, so these channels might not be for everyone.

3) Shelter For Ukraine – A non-local platform where you can register and offer shelter to Ukrainians.

4) Tasso – Be a foster to an animal brought to Germany from Ukraine.

5) Ukraine – Tierhilfe Berlin – A local Telegram group where you can find out how you can foster an animal from Ukraine in Berlin.

8) Wunderflats – Offering temporary shelter for Ukrainians, landlords can offer their properties here.

Visit These Official Websites

To get the most accurate and updated information, visit these websites:

1) Berlin.de – Before doing anything else, visit the state’s official page, where they answer the most frequently asked questions about the current situation.

2) Germany4Ukraine – This new portal launched by the government contains information for Ukrainians entering Germany.

Volunteer To Help Ukrainians In Berlin 

If you have time, many local aid organizations can use your help in all sorts of different ways:

1) Frauentreff HellMa – An information and support point for refugees in Berlin. They need translators, therapists, and more.

2) Lovelite Berlin – A safe space for refugees to gather to meet for coffee and cake, get needed support, and even learn German.

3) Vostel – Check their portal for ways to help local Ukrainians in Berlin.

4) Ukraine Help Berlin – Fill out this form to offer help, including driving, translation services, therapy, and more. After you fill out the form, kindly wait to be contacted. They have volunteers on the other side coordinating things and they will get back to you based on the most urgent needs. Note – Drivers can offer rides to get people to other parts of Germany or the EU. After you fill out the form, it’s recommended you register on BlaBlaCar. The platform now allows you to create a volunteer driver profile.

5) Taxi Service For Peace – You can also register to drive people through this platform.

6) Help for Ukraine – A non-local Facebook group where you can find more ways to help. Kindly read the pinned thread before posting and inform yourself about how you can best contribute.

7) Berliner Stadtmission – One of my favorite local NGOs needs volunteers to help Ukrainians find daycare and flats, teach them German, work in their kitchen/food distribution areas, and also at the welcome hall at some of the main train stations.

8) Arrival Support Berlin – Volunteers are needed to help keep things running at various train stations in Berlin. People who can speak either Ukrainian or Russian are needed. They also need help with all sorts of things, but please, do NOT just show up. Check their website for more information.

9) Imagine Ukraine – Maybe you’re not in the position of hiring someone, but perhaps you have a good network in Berlin and can help people find work. You can also give them pointers about formatting a German cover letter or CV. Become a coach!

10) Krisenchat – If you’re a therapist, you can sign up to offer urgent help to Ukrainians in need. They are looking for those who can speak Ukrainian or Russian especially.

11) Wir Helfen Berlin – Help out at the new arrival center at Berlin’s former airport, Tegel.

12) Friedrichshain Hilft – This Friedrichshain-based group helps refugees by finding a place to stay, organizing donations, and more. Join their Facebook group to find out how you can pitch in.

13) Berlin To Borders – With a solidarity shop where refugees can come to pick up toys, clothes, and other helpful items, Berlin To Borders is also a hub to receive aid that is sent to Ukraine’s frontlines and other places around the country, like hospitals, animal shelters, and more. Volunteer to work in their shop, or sorting and packing items in the back. You can also donate to them directly via Paypal, shop their Amazon wishlist, and drop off donations to the store.

If you know of any other ways to help out Ukrainians in Berlin, get in touch so we can feature the information here. 🙏


Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

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