The Best Immigration Lawyers In Berlin – I moved to Germany, not once, but twice! Both moves required a lot of paperwork and what seemed like endless bureaucracy, especially when it came to sorting out my visa issues. As I was laid off a few times (startup life is hard!), I had to apply for a new work permit more than once. Thankfully, my visa misery ended when I got permanent residency in 2018.

Every trip to the foreigner’s office (Ausländerbehörde) was always stressful no matter the circumstance. I often wouldn’t sleep the night before, wondering if I had all the right paperwork, if I had the relevant documents translated correctly, and if my German-speaking buddy who’d be accompanying me would be able to charm them.

Some of us navigate the complicated visa process with help from our employers. One of my former employees was so awesome, that on the first day of work, they’d ask us for our passports, and go to the foreigner’s office on our behalf. I almost collapsed with relief and happy tears when they returned in the afternoon with my freshly minted visa.

However, the majority of us have to handle visa matters all on our own. No matter how thoroughly we read through the website, ask in Facebook groups, or read on blogs like this one, it’s hard to find the most updated and correct information. Thankfully, there are stated-funded and free services out there, like Because Berlin who has a team of welcome specialists who provide visa assistance in English. Yet sometimes, that’s still not enough. Aside from relocation companies offering assistance with visa things, it’s often best to hire an immigration lawyer.

Immigration lawyers can take the stress out of visa, residency, and other related issues. While they are often not cheap, the investment far outweighs the costs. Immigration lawyers are knowledgeable with the latest laws and will be able to guide you easily through the process, telling you what documents are needed, what to expect during your appointment at the foreigner’s office, and more. Typically, they even accompany you to the appointments!

If you have an especially difficult case, lawyers can fight hard for your visa approval and in most cases, succeed. I’ve had friends who had especially weak applications that I didn’t think would be accepted and miraculously, the lawyer worked their magic. More often than not, lawyers are even on a first-name basis with the officials at the office, so that always helps your case as well.

Hire One Of These Immigration Lawyers In Berlin

Use these top immigration lawyers in Berlin to help you with a number of matters from visa applications, to citizenship, family reunification, and more:

1) SCHLUN & ELSEVEN – This firm helps newbies to Germany on a number of topics, including immigration. Whether you’re applying for a work visa like a Blue Card, hoping to get German citizenship, seeking help with family reunification matters, or looking to start a business in Germany, SCHLUN & ELSEVEN can assist you with the related legal process.

2) vpmk Attorneys at Law – This team of eight lawyers offers support in English, French, and Spanish. They offer support on a number of topics including residence permits, deportation matters, and marriages, as well as civil unions.

3) Anwaltssozietät Jurati – A small firm with four lawyers, Anwaltssozietät Jurati provides legal expertise to help you get a visa (freelance, employment, students), getting citizenship/permanent residency, asylum and refugee applications, and more.

4) Law office Grueneberg – Ernesto Grueneberg specializes in immigration law, assisting non-German residents with visas, long-term residency, as well as asylum and refugee applications (or other related issues).

5) SERS RA – SERS RA aids newcomers to Germany with matters like business and medical visas, residence permits, family reunification, self-employment visas, and more.

Have we missed any good immigration lawyers in Berlin? Add the information in the comments so we can update this post.

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