A Roundup Of Professional Career Coaches In Germany – Just how can a career coach help you with your Berlin life? Are you looking for a job and not finding success? Perhaps you want to rebrand your LinkedIn profile or prepare for an interview. Maybe you’re looking to change careers entirely and don’t know where to start. You need someone to work with you on how to best negotiate a promotion and raise at work. You find yourself stuck and need guidance on how to launch a new business and find new customers. It could be you’re having a hard time adjusting to working in a German company and want someone to walk you through cultural norms and common workplace practices.

A career coach can help you with at all of these things, and even more. Not only that, hiring a coach and investing into your personal and professional development will pay off in dividends. With this in mind, we created this list of professional career coaches in Germany who can help you take your career to the next level.

A Roundup Of Professional Career Coaches In Germany

We’re pleased to feature many wonderful, not to mention professional, career coaches from different places around Germany. We know that not all coaches are created equal and in some cases, individuals claim to be coaches when they lack the related credentials. Rest assured, every person you see here is highly qualified, through their years of experience, education, and/or training.

We’re also aware that hiring a coach comes with a hefty price tag and many members of our community are unable to afford the luxury of coaching services. As much as possible, we’ve tried to feature people who are open to offering discounted services and/or free content and other resources on their websites.

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1) AKR Consult

AKR Consult guides people who want to become self employed or start their own company, as well as assists people who want to develop in their professional careers. Their certified coaches can help you figure out how to adjust getting back to work after a long break, as well as set goals for yourself to progress at your job. As with many of the other companies here, the costs may be covered by the jobcenter if you’re out of of work.

2) Female Entrepreneur Me (FEM)

Founder Irene Yu started FEM with the intention to help female entrepreneurs and coaches build a purposeful life and business. Irene provides a number of services like one on one coaching, online workshops, and courses. What’s really cool, not to mention incredibly useful, Irene offers free job and career coaching to those who are registered as unemployed in Germany. She’ll help with things like sharpening your CV and LinkedIn profile, preparing for interviews, and more.

3) The Fired Up Collective

The Fired Up Collective is comprised of 15+ different coaches from a diverse range of backgrounds who speak everything from English, to German, to Hindi, and Hungarian. You can choose a specific coach upfront or work with them to determine who will be the best match. In addition to regular coaching services, they also provide free creative job coaching for those who are registered as unemployed in Berlin.


This Berlin – Kreuzberg based startup is co founded by Yvonne Bäldle-Agboton and Verena Metzler. It caters foremost to an international clientele of expat women. Verena is focusing on the financial aspects consulting in financial freedom and retirement provision. She has over 6 years of experience in the insurance and finance sector. Yvonne coaches women in negotiation skills and career success. She is ICF trained and IHK certified and works also together with different organisations by the city Berlin and Land Brandenburg. Together they offer their services in English and German. Through workshops, seminars and 1:1s.

5) Gerne Klarheit

Andrea Nägel is the woman behind Cologne based Gerne Klarheit. She offers career and life coaching for people seeking to change careers, launch their own business, grow their confidence levels, and even adapt a money and success mindset. Andrea is an exceptionally qualified coach so engagements with her are deeper and more long-lasting, with her encouraging between four to ten sessions to achieve desired results. For additional help, peruse her free resources section, as well as her blog.

6) Goldnetz

Goldnetz has been a steadfast presence in the German labour market since 1991, working with job centers and employment agencies to develop new policies and implement projects to better the market in Berlin. With 120 employees, they offer a number of services, including customized coaching for academics, artists, job seekers, refugees, and more. Best of all, costs will be covered if you’re out of work and registered with the employment agency. They’re also flexible on rates if you’re unable to pay for the full pricing of coaching.

7) Green Forest Coaching

Located in Berlin, Green Forest Coaching offers transformational coaching services, especially for women and those from diverse backgrounds. If you’re looking to make a big change in your life, both Sarah Flanagan and Agnieszka Hornstein can help you get there. Sarah specializes in topics like non-violent communication, female empowerment, and deep listening skills, while Agnieszka can work with you on self confidence in relationships, exploring limiting beliefs, and going through life change. While not specifically career coaches, both can help you with any number of career related issues.

8) Heidi Korpela

Heidi Korpela is a recruitment and career coach with 10 years of practical experience working in People and Talent roles. She can help you to get your job search back on track with online coaching sessions (ENG or FIN) tailored to your exact recruitment challenges. For registered job seekers in Germany, she also offers long-term career coaching for free. Heidi posts every weekday on LinkedIn about Career Development topics and is always up for a quick career chat!

9) Janina Grüger

Hamburg based Janina Grüger, is a life and career coach with a mission to support you in bringing more happiness and purpose into your life and career. As with many of the coaches we’ve profiled here, Janina can help you figure out your dream job, guide you through a massive career change, and assist you in identifying your biggest passions. Coaching sessions are offered in German and English, as well as in person (if you’re in Hamburg) or via video chat. Specialized coaching services are on offer for those who are are newly arrived in Germany and need help settling in.

10) Katarina Stoltz

Katarina Stoltz is impressively many things, an entrepreneur, life coach, and psychotherapist who works with people seeking to make meaningful changes in their life, from both a personal and professional perspective. Offering services in English, German, Swedish, and Polish, Katarina specifically works with women on finding balance between career and family, addressing challenges in a new job, adjusting to a new life abroad, and more. Katarina is highly qualified to coach you through any big life or career changes, as she’s a certified Creative Consciousness coach, a Gestalt therapist, and Heilpraktiker in psychotherapy.


KOBRA is a Berlin based coaching service for women. They work with individuals on a vast number of topics like provide feedback on job applications, help you understand the dynamics of the Berlin job market, prepare to ask for a promotion at work, and guide you to become self-employed. KOBRA also has special services for refugee women to help them get adjusted to life in Germany. Services are either free or the costs can be reduced – get in touch with them to find out how KOBRA can help you specifically.

12) Kontinuum

Kontinuum is a state funded organization that can help individuals by offering advice on the local job market , guidance in how to obtain professional qualifications, and doling out tips about how to succeed when you’re just starting out in your career. Services are offered in German only.

13) Martin Jeffrey

Berlin based Martin Jeffrey, originally from Australia, offers career coaching services to help you when you’re unemployed, looking to build a new business, or are just plain burned out. He has a creative background and applies that in a fun way while he works with you. Martin offers free 20 minute consultations and also offers coaching sessions free of charge for those who are registered as unemployed in Berlin. Ideally, he’ll want to meet weekly with you for 12 weeks. His services are offered in English and done online via Zoom.

14) Phil Poole / Coaching for a Different Life

Phil – originally from the UK – specialises in helping people in their 30s and 40s find meaningful work. He helps those who find themselves stuck in a career that brings no joy and are increasingly unhappy. What makes Phil stand out is that he has been through the same issues as his clients and has first-hand knowledge of the journey and how to help others. Phil offers a range of helpful products from a free download with six powerful questions to help someone find work, to a Passion Exercise, where in 45 minutes, he helps you find a range of options based on what you are passionate about (even if you are not sure what they are). And finally, he offers a signature coaching programme where he works 1:1 with people to help them redesign their career. Find him at Coaching for a Different Life.

15) The Success Happiness Academy

Yvonne Bäldle-Agboton is the founder and creator of this 12-16 weeks career leadership coaching program for women in the workplace that seek to move higher and live a healthy work-life balance. She developed this program out of her own experience leading the way as a successful career woman over 20 years in international global companies all around the globe. She’s ICF trained and IHK certified. Through five modules you deep dive into your potential and identify your unique qualities that will uplift your professional and private life substantially. She also offers individual 1:1 career coaching in German and English.

16) Tamara Morales

Tamara is the founder of Berlin Boss Babes, a personal development platform offering women resources, training, and coaching around career, business, and money. Coaching services are offered to women in three languages – English, Polish, and German. Tamara does career coaching to help with interview preparation, job search assistance, or starting a side hustle. She also does business coaching to help people transition into being self employed or develop client acquisition strategies. If you’re a leader needing coaching, Tamara can guide you on becoming a great people manager, explore the uniqueness of being a female leader, and even develop the right level of confidence to fill your new role.

17) The Berlin Life

As the founder of this website, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I offer career coaching services too. My speciality is helping people present the best version of themselves on their job applications and stand out from others, getting noticed and contacted by employers for an interview. During our one hour sessions, we’d work together to develop a new cover letter or CV using my proven methods. You’ll come away knowing how to use these methods and be able to quickly and easily create customized job applications with little effort.

18) UnBind

Munich based career coach Ekaterina Fedorova, is the person behind UnBind. Ekaterina assists those seeking to find a new job, change career direction, get more out of their existing career, or transition to working in Germany (which many of us know can be a complete culture shock). She can help with creating a CV that best represents you and makes recruiters want to contact you. With more than a decade of experience in recruiting and working in various countries like Russia, Germany, and Sweden. What we admire about Ekatarina, is that she offers a free one hour kick-off session over Zoom where she’ll take the time to hear your story and talk about the specifics of how she can help you. There is no further obligation to proceed from there. She’s also open to negotiating her rates if you have budget constraints.

19) Yana Maeva

Yana Maeva is a life and career coach, helping people understand more about themselves, achieve their goals, and find concrete ways to move into their next phase of life. For example, she can assist those who are in the process of searching for a new job or looking to make a career change. Yana can especially help those who’ve recently made the move to Germany and are settling into their new life abroad. Yana works with her clients through one on one coaching sessions, offered in both English and Russian. It starts with a discovery call where you get to know one better, gain common understanding of your needs, and determine if you’ll be a match. Should you decide to move forward, you’ll come to an agreement on how many coaching sessions you’ll need. Typical engagements usually last four to six sessions.

20) Zsanett Czifrus

Zsanett is an ICF-certified coach, meditation teacher, and mindfulness facilitator. Zsanett helps conscious women and female entrepreneurs unleash their personal and professional potential to live fulfilling lives and thrive in their businesses. Her coaching areas are life and professional path transformations, personal development, mental well-being, entrepreneurship, business operations, and everyday spirituality. She offers her services in English, online and in-person in Berlin.

What do you think about our roundup of career coaches in Germany? Are we missing anyone? Drop us your recommendations in the comments below.

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