What Are The Best Berlin Job Search Websites? When people are searching for a job in Berlin, they’re often puzzled and even overwhelmed as to where to begin. There’s so many different websites out there, even Facebook groups, that are dedicated to helping people find work in the German capital. To that end, I put this list of Berlin job search websites together to help you get started with looking for a job in Berlin.

Here you can find a list of many job search websites that will help you find tech jobs, English speaking positions, and more. There’s websites catered to freelancers and foreigners as well. I’ve also included popular local Facebook groups, recruiting agencies, and relocation companies that can also help you secure a job in Berlin.

Be sure to bookmark this page and come back often, as it will be frequently updated with fresh content. Currently, there are 94 resources listed here, broken down by related category.

These Are The Best Berlin Job Search Websites

A couple of important things to mention about this list of job search websites:

1) This is a list of popular websites, agencies, and Facebook groups that are intended to help people find work in Berlin. I don’t endorse any one resource over another and I’m not personally affiliated with any of them.

2) If you find a dead link or want to recommend another resource, kindly leave a comment below. If it’s not spam, I’ll update the blog post accordingly.

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Use the Table of Contents to jump to a relevant section:

Table of Contents

    Creative Work Websites

    Artists flock to Berlin to experience the city’s vibrant creative scene. Be it make-up artists, musicians, photographers, dancers, painters, sculptors, or anything else, Berlin’s creative community is like no other.

    Some of the top websites to find creative work in Berlin include:

    1) ArtConnect

    2) Berlin Art Link (Artist residencies)

    3) buehnenjobs.de

    4) Creative City Berlin

    5) crew united

    6) Dasauge 

    7) e-TALENTA

    8) music-job.com

    9) StageJobs

    10) Theapolis

    Established Job Search Websites

    There are the usual job search websites like Xing, Indeed, and LinkedIn, all of which will come in handy as you search for work in Berlin. There are also a number of job forums and local websites that are not as well known.

    This list covers the entire gamut of websites to use to find work in Berlin:

    1) Absolventa

    2) arbeitnow

    3) Back In Job

    4) Baito

    5) Berlin Jobmarkt

    6) Craigslist

    7) Gesines job tips

    8) Gigajobs

    9) Glassdoor (Also a good place to read employer reviews)

    10) GoodJobs (Sustainability related jobs)

    11) Gründerszene.de

    12) HeyJobs

    13) idealist

    14) indeed (One of the best places to search for work)

    15) Job Is Job

    16) JOB POINT 

    17) Job Tensor

    18) Jobs.de

    19) JobMESH

    20) Jobted

    21) Jooble 

    22) JoZoo

    23) kimeta

    24) LinkedIn (The top place to look for work and where employers tend to engage the most)

    25) meinestadt.de

    26) Monster

    27) Squeaker.net

    28) Stellenangebote.de

    29) Stellenanzeigen.de 

    30) StepStone

    31) SustainableJobs.de

    32) Talent Diverse (Where you’ll be matched with companies seeking to hire diverse talent!)

    33) tbd* (Probably my favourite job search portal – helps you find work with purpose and meaning)

    34) Woloho (Newsletter)

    35) Xing (The German version of LinkedIn)

    Facebook Groups

    A lot of people are fed up with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook in general, but at the moment, plenty of Berlin based employers are very active on the platform. Some recruiters have personally told me that it’s a favoured hiring channel for them.

    We admit that after a while, all the groups start to seem the same. Some don’t offer value, are a repository of spam, and see the same ads on repeat. With that in mind, we’ve tried to list the most active, useful, and well moderated ones here.

    There are also several Facebook groups featured in other areas of this post, but here are some other general ones that will help you with your job search:

    1) BERLIN BOSS BABES (Our favourite community listed here!)

    2) Berlin Jobs – Berlin job exchange

    3) English jobs in Berlin

    4) English speaking jobs in Berlin

    5) PR and Communications jobs in English – Berlin

    Freelancer Websites

    A lot of people in Berlin like to go at it on their own and work as freelancers. While networking is surely one of the best ways to secure freelance work, there are some websites dedicated to helping people find freelance work in Berlin:

    1) Berlin Freelancers (Facebook group)

    2) freelance.de

    3) Freelancing Womxn Berlin (Facebook group)

    4) GULP

    5) twago

    Healthcare Career Sites

    Healthcare professionals are in very high demand in Germany. Start your job search using some of these websites:

    1) medizinerkarriere.de/

    Hospitality Job Sites 

    There are a small number of hospitality specific job search websites to help you find work in Berlin, be it you want to be a hotel concierge, a bartender, or a renowned chef:

    1) Berlin Food Stories

    2) GastoJobs

    3) HotelCareer 

    Job Fairs 

    Job Fairs are perfect to connect with potential employers in Berlin. These are some of the most popular job fairs, many of which are offering virtual events due to corona. 

    1) Connecticum

    Job Sites For Foreigners

    As much as possible, we will purposely avoid using the word “expat” on this website, due to its non-inclusive nature. Anyone from outside of the country, regardless of where they hail from, can be considered foreigners in Germany, newbies, or immigrants.

    While we reference plenty of sites in this article about where anyone can look for work, there are some job search websites completely dedicated to those who move to Germany from abroad.

    1) English speaking people looking for a job – Berlin (Facebook group)

    2) exatjobseeker.de

    3) LifeworQ

    4) The Local

    5) Xpat Jobs

    If you’re curious about why we won’t ever use the word expat here, read this article from The Guardian, Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?.

    Public Service Job Sites

    If you want to work in public service in Berlin, get started with these sites:

    1. Berlin.de 
    2. Interamt 
    3. Jobs beim Staat

    Note – A native level of German is almost always required to work in public service.

    Recruiters In Berlin

    Sometimes, it’s hard to find a job on your own, and you need help. Motivated recruiters will strive to place you as soon they can.

    I’m generally not a fan of recruiters who work on a commission basis. I feel like they treated me like a number and not a human. The minute that a company chose to go with another candidate, they failed to return my emails or phone calls and I never heard from them again. To date, I haven’t worked with a recruiter who was reliable or genuinely interested in finding me a job.

    That said, as long as you know how recruiters can be, don’t take their dismissive behaviour or lack of attention personally. If they can help you land a job, go with them. Just be careful and don’t hesitate to turn down a job offer or terminate your relationship with the recruiter if you feel they’re pressuring you into an uncomfortable situation.

    Some recruiting companies in Berlin:

    1) AllocateAZ Personalkonzepte

    2) HR Consultants 

    3) Michael Page

    4) MoBerries

    5) Personalkonzepte

    Startup Job Websites

    Berlin has long established itself as an exciting and active hub for startups. A large number of people, especially people from abroad, tend to land jobs at Berlin startups. You’ll find that Berlin startups are usually comprised of an international group of people and that English is the commonly spoken language in the workplace.

    Here are some of the top places to look for work at Berlin startups:

    1) AngelList

    2) Berlin Startup Jobs, Internships & Co-founders (Facebook group)

    3) Berlin Startups (Facebook group)

    4) Berlin Startup and other Jobs – German skills not required! (Facebook group)

    5) Berlin Startup Jobs (Facebook group)

    6) Berlin Startup Jobs (Another Facebook group of the same name)

    7) Berlin Startup Jobs

    8) Deutsche Startups

    9) F6S

    10) OnStartupJobs

    11) Startup Berlin Jobs (Facebook group)

    12) Startup Sucht

    13) We Can Be Heroes

    Student Job Websites

    Berlin is home to a lot of students, locals, as well as those from abroad who come to Germany to get a degree without it costing them an arm and a leg. Even without needing to pay university tuition, students still need to work, be it a mini-job or something else.

    Here are some of the Berlin websites to find student jobs:

    1) BSIG – Berlin Startup Internships (Facebook group)

    2) Berlin Social Jobs & Internships (Facebook group)

    3) BERLIN STUDENT JOBS (Facebook group)

    4) Foreign Young Professionals In Berlin (Facebook group)

    5) Graduate Land

    6) Jobmensa

    7) JOBRUF

    8) JobTeaser

    9) StudentJob.de

    10) weejobs

    Tech Job Sites

    While startup jobs in Berlin remain mostly tech focused, tech jobs are one of the most highly demanded jobs in Germany, and people seeking employment in tech will find jobs everyone.

    Here are some of the purely tech focused job websites:

    1) administrator-jobs.de

    2) Berlin Tech Jobs (Facebook group)

    3) GermanTechJobs

    4) Honeypot

    5) Landing.job

    6) mediengestalter-jobs.de

    7) softwareentwickler-jobs.de

    8) T3N

    9) Talent.io

    10) webentwickler-jobs.de

    11) Women Techmakers Berlin (Facebook group)

    Temporary Work Websites

    Times are tougher than ever during the pandemic and other times, temporary work is needed to keep you going between jobs or on study breaks from school. These websites can help you find temporary jobs in Berlin:

    1) InStaff

    2) Schiller-Eventpersonal

    3) Timeworkers.de

    4) Zenjob

    Random Berlin Job Search Tools

    There are some pretty creative folks In Berlin who do things like create spreadsheets that scrape other job sites for fresh postings and updates every few hours. Check out some of these ingenious tools:

    1) Berlin Jobs 

    What do you think about this list of Berlin job search websites? Which ones are your favourite? Which sites have you found most useful?

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