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We Help People Move to Berlin and Find Work

Our Berlin Life guides cover all aspects of life in Berlin.

From a lifestyle side, we cover the city’s best blogs, top podcasts, how to make friends, etc. We dole on advice about moving here, getting into how much it costs to move to Germany, highlighting the top relocation specialists, and more. Naturally, we talk about finding work in the German capital, including how to ace interviews, know which companies are hiring, and the best websites to look for jobs. We also offer guides on where to eat and drink in Berlin, featuring restaurant and bar roundups. 

Our Berlin Life Guides

We offer 52 comprehensive, long-read styled guides. Our guides are 100% original, factual, honest, and are developed based on lived experience and heaps of research. We pride ourselves on not reinforcing negative stereotypes about the German people and culture, pushing outdated job search practices, falsely claiming that it’s easy to find a job, or telling you that learning German isn’t necessary.

We acknowledge and embrace that not everyone is the same and their experiences in Germany will be unique.

What’s more, we believe that good, informative content should be accessible to everyone. Your success in Germany shouldn’t be hidden behind a paywall. That’s why we happily provide these FREE guides as a way to help you move here, find work, settle in, and most of all enjoy life in Berlin (or wherever you live in Germany).

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Berlin Life Hacks

Berlin Life Hacks

Our Berlin Life hacks advise you on where to get groceries, best transit options, where to open a bank account, find a locksmith, & more.

Eating & Drinking In Berlin

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