Moving to a new city can get stressful and hectic. So often, finding quality and on-point information to save time becomes the main priority. But where do we start searching? Which resources are trustworthy and truly helpful? What are things you need to know before settling into your new home?  Even if you live in a city for years, it’s fun to get updates and fresh inspiration for new restaurants, recommendations for moving companies, or notifications about upcoming events.

To that end, we’ve handpicked the very best Berlin blogs from some of our favorite locals to help you save time and find the most relevant information about Berlin. Whether you’re an aspiring or existing Berliner, we’ve got you covered, no matter what you’re looking for – how to get a flat, where to learn German or find a nice restaurant for your next date.

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These are the best Berlin blogs that will help you experience the city at a whole new level:

1)  Abandoned Berlin

What could be more exciting than discovering the city and its history through abandoned and mysterious spaces? Abandoned Berlin is an endeavour to capture the past through the present, discovering the hidden stories within the city’s ruins, antiques, and abandoned locations. As mentioned on their website, Berlin’s a city with fascinating history: two world wars, the city’s split into east and west, cold war and the turmoil of German reunification have all left their imprint on the capital. Abandoned Berlin offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper and uncover the truth beneath the “façade of progress that city officials would have you buy.” Visit their blog to to find out how you discover Berlin’s forgotten places on your own.

2) All About Berlin 

Created for English-speaking Berliners, All About Berlin is a collection of guides and valuable, helpful information. If you’re confused about how to get an Ausländerbehörde appointment, find an apartment and register the address, apply for a German work or freelance visa, or how to choose a German health insurance provider, All about Berlin is for you.

3) Berlin Food Stories 

If you’re someone who explores the city through its food or simply someone who loves discovering great restaurants, you should definitely visit Berlin Food Stories (or follow them on Instagram). Berlin’s a one-of-a-kind culinary hotspot with a rich culinary heritage that’s gained huge popularity in the last decade. If you’re wondering where to find the best breakfast options, which döner kebab places are worth visiting, or which fine dining restaurants are suitable for your evening date, Berlin Food Stories will provide “a no bullshit, entertaining, and 100% independent guide.”

4) Berlin Loves You 

As mentioned on their website, Berlin is a welcoming, fascinating, complicated, vast, and ever-changing city. Berlin Loves You is an extended love letter to Berlin, and its mission is to provide “a leading voice in the midst of the din, a bike-lane express to your WG, and a kind hand in the darkroom.” They share tales about artists, performers, musicians, cuisine, beer, events, and things to do. Their goal is to help you enjoy and fall in love with this city but also to “have your artist’s visa granted; to discover something larger and better than Berghain; to rekindle your never-ending Berlin escape; and, ultimately, to get laid.” 

5) Berlin Ick Liebe Dir 

Berlin Ick Liebe Dir is your guide for the German capital. Here you can find interesting tips for restaurants, exciting bars, and clubs, recommendations for the world of culture, creative free-time activities, tips for special spaces, popular events, and more. 

6) Hauptstadtmutti 

Hauptstadtmuttis (capital city moms) are cool, sexy, stylish, and different. With their sophisticated outfits, clever business ideas, and unusual life concepts, they can surprise us every day. They represent a modern generation of mothers who manage to combine family, career, and style. Since motherhood is such a wonderfully complex affair, Hauptstadtmuttis accompany and guide expectant moms through pregnancy, inspires them, gives tips on getting back to work, recommends the most beautiful travel destinations for families, gives beauty tips, and more. 

7) Kreuzberged 

If you’re curious about the forgotten history of Berlin, its streets, and its districts, Kreuzberged is a blog where you can easily spend hours reading through its archives. With a motto, “Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin”, she’s been writing about Berlin’s less-known corners and history since 2008. Now offering books, and audio tours that can help you get to know the city better, this blog by a Polish woman living in Berlin since 2003 is one not to be missed.

8) I Heart Berlin 

I Heart Berlin team describes the capital as unique, obnoxious, insane, edgy, and seductive. They think, “It’s a vibrant playground for all kinds of ideas and identities. It’s a place where you can be who you want to be, try new things, reinvent yourself, and have fresh experiences that you wouldn’t have otherwise.” They aim to portray the distinct spirit of the city and help readers find unique locations, attend suitable events, meet the right people, and discover the side of Berlin that would fulfill all of their dreams. Founded in 2007, they have a long history of chronicling the city’s ongoings, including all of its changes. 

9) Notes of Berlin 

Are you curious about what makes a metropolis tick? What are the many different people that call it home like? What brings them together and makes them happy? What do they fear? What are they looking for and missing, what do they yearn for, and what personal tales and destinies do they have to share? Do you want to get a sense of the capital’s personality? Then you need to visit Notes of Berlin (or follow them on Instagram). Since 2010, the founder walks around the city with a camera and captures notes and letters left in public places. These notes are not only information carriers but also demonstrate the social reality and accurately capture the city’s tone. The notes are as direct, loud, artistic, tolerant, freedom-loving, eccentric, lonely, and romantic as the people who live here. Notes of Berlin is a sneak peek into the daily culture of Berlin in its purest form. 

10) Settle In Berlin 

Settle in Berlin is a personal blog which arose from the author’s own experience settling in Berlin and the difficulty to find all of the essential information organised on one single website. The author wanted to cover all the aspects of relocating to Berlin and living here. Since then, it’s turned into one of the most popular sites helping aspiring Berliners and a massive knowledge base with guides on everything from finding a flat, to registering your apartment, and why the “TV tax” is a thing. Here at The Berlin Life, we find ourselves recommending this blog to our readers more than any other other!

11) Slow Travel Berlin 

Slow Travel Berlin was created in 2010 by Paul Sullivan, a British guidebook author, travel journalist, and photographer. He created it as a personal deep dive into his extraordinary city. It now functions as a diverse and trustworthy collection of knowledge on a variety of topics, including architecture, gastronomy, literature, history, socio-political concerns, and personal reminiscence. They also encourage sustainable culture and tourism, support local businesses and cultural organizations, and keep readers up to date on everything from local politics to events and incidents along the road.

What do you think about our list of Berlin blogs? Are there other ones you recommend? Drop us a note in the comments below.


Natalia Lomaia

Natalia Lomaia

Natalia Lomaia is a freelance writer, editor, and psychology student living in Berlin, Germany.