Are you new to Berlin and want to know what’s going to make your life in the Hauptstadt easier? Here are our top recommendations (aka “Berlin life hacks”):

Many German companies, landlords, and government authorities like the Bürgeramt or Ausländerbehörde send out communications via post. If you want to cancel your gym membership for example, you usually have to send a formal signed letter in the mail. Make life easier and sign up for E-POST to send and receive mail online.

Sign up for E-POST.

If you’re moving to another flat in Berlin or will be out of the city for  a while, you can also take advantage of mail forwarding services to make sure you don’t miss any important documents.

Get my mail forwarded.



Use Wise to send money from your German bank account to people in other countries. Or send money from your home country to Germany. It’s convenient, cheap, and fast. You can use either their app or their website. Wise also offers plenty of other features like credit cards, borderless bank accounts, and more.

Sign up today.

Looking for groceries to get delivered directly to your door? Do it with REWE, Edeka, Amazon Fresh, and Bringmeister.

Gorillas will get groceries to you in 10 minutes – note, not all areas of Berlin are on their service map yet.

For regular food delivery, use Wolt or Lieferando.

Food and Drinks In Berlin
Berlin Life Hacks - Book A Hotel

Are you considering a move to Berlin and want to scout out the city before you take the big plunge? Perhaps you live in Berlin and have family coming in for vacation, with no room in your WG or flat with them to stay. Maybe you’re tired of being confined to the four walls of your flat and you’re seeking a Berlin staycation.

Whatever your situation, consider booking a hotel, hostel, or private flat with

Find a place to sleep.

If you’re new to Berlin and want to really experience the city, we recommend taking a tour with Get Your Guide.

From walking tours, to museum passes, to boat tours, and more, there are plenty of unique experiences to partake in.

See what there is to do in Berlin.

Hire a lawyer in Berlin

Are you paying too much for rent? Were you illegally fired from your job? Talk to a lawyer (in English too!) and find out your rights with Conny. First consultations are free and you only pay lawyer fees if you win your case.

Get legal help.

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