Top Relocation Companies In Berlin Germany – I have the (somewhat) unique experience of moving to Berlin, not once, but twice! I came here in June 2011, stayed for 18 months, and then headed home to Canada. I ended up missing Berlin so much I came back in November 2014 and I’ve been ever since.

I handled both moves without any help from others. To be frank, it was a fairly stressful time sorting out my visa situation, shipping my belongings here, finding a flat, etc. If I’d had the extra cash at the time, I would’ve hired a relocation company to assist me with both of those moves.

Knowing that someone else was taking care of things for me would’ve eased my worries, cut down on my workload, and allowed me to focus more on important things like bidding farewell to my loved ones.

If you’re planning a move to Berlin and don’t know where to start, I’d suggest using a relocation company. They can assist you with everything from your visa application, to your flat search, and even your job hunt.

Top Relocation Companies In Berlin Germany

Use these relocation companies to help you move to Berlin or make your new Berlin life way easier:

1) Expats In Wonderland – These guys will make settling in Berlin way easier. Expats In Wonderland offers a vast array of services from helping you find a flat (no easy feat in Berlin!), get your relevant visa, and even relocate your business here. They are also one of the only relocations agency in the city who partners with immigration lawyers.

2) Red Tape Translation – If you want to bring a German speaker to your next appointment at the foreigner’s office, need someone to make a phone call on your behalf, or require documents to be translated, Red Tape Translation is the go to company to not only make your move to Berlin easier, but your first months here before you start learning German.

3) Expath – I think Expath may have been one of the very first relocation companies in Berlin. They have several offerings for aspiring Berliners – you can take German classes with them (remote friendly so that you can start learning even before you get here!), one on one coaching sessions, and flexible packages of hours you can book. The hours can be used how you like – they can assist you in registering your address, finding a flat, open a bank account, and more.

4) Nomaden – Nomaden provides a slew of services that will make settling in Berlin all the easier. They can help you fill out your visa application, provide you with temporary accommodation, CV editing services, and more. Nomaden also offers tons of free guides on various Berlin life topics.

5) Expat Mgmt – This Berlin relocation company helps businesses and individuals move to Berlin. Services include things like assistance converting your driver’s license, searching for a flat, advice on schools and daycares for your children, and more.

6) Start Relocation Service – Like many of the companies listed here, Start Relocation service offers plenty of services for those moving to Berlin. They can cover all of your visa needs, help you score a flat, setting up health insurance, and well … almost everything you can think of when it comes to life in Berlin.

7) MyHelpBuddy – Need help with anything in Berlin? Then book a buddy for things like going to the job center with you, translating a document, filling out a form, helping you physically move, etc. Book one task through them or many. They’re here to help.

8) Archer Relocation – An upmarket option, Archer Relocation offers services for things you may not have even thought about. Prior to moving to Berlin, you can do coaching sessions with them for things such as “super market” training (trust me, this will be invaluable!). They help with getting visas, searching for a flat, finding a kita for your children, filing insurance claims and more. Check them out! 

9) Arriva Relocation Services – Arriva helps people moving to Berlin find which area of the city to live, and is really helpful when it comes to finding a flat which is no easy feat in Berlin’s ever competitive rental market. They also offer other support, like welcome tours, and more.

10) Move to Berlin Relocation Service – This company helps both individuals and companies relocate their businesses to Berlin. They offer the usual gamut of services like finding a flat, helping to ship your household here, searching for an office space, etc. 

11) IRC Relocation Angels – IRC has been around since 2005 and has helped many people make the move to Germany. A more upmarket option, this company helps with visa and immigration, workshops about intercultural communication (learn how to work with your new German colleagues), and even career counselling for spouses of those who come here for work.

Note – These relocation companies are not ranked in order of preference and we do not recommend one over the other. Some are budget friendly, while some are more upmarket. Our sole intention is to provide readers with a comprehensive list of options from which to choose.

That sums up our list of top relocation companies in Berlin Germany. We really hope this list is useful and that one or more of these companies can make your move to the German capital as smooth as possible.

About Our Author

  • A Canadian who’s been living in Berlin for 10 years. Cheryl’s moved here not once, but twice. During her time in Berlin, she’s had five different visas and worked as both a freelancer and permanent employee for a number of Berlin companies. She even managed to find a new job during the pandemic. That said, Cheryl knows what it takes to move to Berlin and find work.