Best Berlin Meetup Groups for Meeting New People – It’s hard to believe that way back in December 2013, I spent a chilly Friday night in December at home writing this post, How To Make Friends In Berlin.

Little did I know, that the post would become really popular or that it would lead me to starting a meetup group with my buddy Adam. While that meetup has long been closed, our Make Friends in Berlin meetup group grew to more than 7,500 members. We started the group to help people connect with other Berliners, be it newbies or locals, in a casual, friendly, and most of all, fun setting. It was great watching people from the meetup form new friendships and get settled more into their new Berlin life. 

Even though our group no longer exists, we know the Meetup community in Berlin is strong and that Meetups are an indispensable way to meet new people in Berlin. That said, we want to spread some big old love to the other groups in Berlin who have a similar as ours once was, which is to help people find ways to connect with fellow Berliners and form meaningful friendships.

Best Berlin Meetup Groups For Meeting New People

Berlin tends to be filled with a largely transient population, as many come here to work or study and leave after a short time. Many people said we talk to admitted to they feel extremely lonely here and have a hard time making friends. That said, we really hope that you find this list of Berlin Meetup groups for meeting new people helps you forge quality new friendships that will be long lasting.

That said, most of the meetups listed here are social in nature, with a mix of sporty themed ones thrown in, as well as some language exchange, art, and music loving groups.

Some of our favourite Berlin meetup groups for meeting new people include:

1) Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants – The perfect meetup for foodies, this group of 3,000+ people come together for dinner together at various restaurants around the city, take picnics in the park, attend food festivals, go on market excursions, and more.

2) Arts and Socializing Berlin / Kunst und Unterhaltung – Don’t want to go to a cultural event alone? Go with other likeminded strangers.

3) B-Movie Nights – Watch B-Movies with other Berlin locals and talk about the flicks over drinks afterwards.

4) Berlin Art Club – This meetup offers people the chance to meet other art lovers, especially those who appreciate watercolours and want to attend workshops on the topic.

5) Berlin Badminton Group – Play badminton with other fans of the sports. With more than 2,600 people in the group, the group plays 1-2 times per week and welcomes people of varying skill levels. 

6) Berlin Board Gamers – Meet fellow board game lovers  at different venues throughout Berlin like The Muted Horn and The Castle. 

7) Berlin Book Swap – Book lovers can meet to exchange books and talk about those books to their heart’s content with other like minded individuals. 

8) Berlin Cycling – With two cycling events taking place each weekend, locals come together as group to cycle around Berlin and its suburbs often stopping at restaurants for meals and great conversation. 

9) Berlin Expats – With close to 14,000 people in the group, Berlin Expats welcomes newbies and despite their name, friendly locals. They’re unique in the sense they offer curated events that don’t always take place in the same bar or restaurant. Looking through their event history, comedy clubs, beers by the canal, and BBQs seem to be the norm. They also have a Facebook group with more than 53,000 members. 

10) Berlin Film Community – Into film making? Attend these meetups to mix with amateur and professional film makers alike. Work with others to create films of your own.

11) Berlin Hikers – We might not be close to the Alps, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fantastic places to hike around Berlin. This meetup organizes local hikes, as well as more long distance ones and welcomes newbies (not just experienced hikers). I’ve heard talk that romance blooms in this group from time to time. 

12) Berlin Horizon – For a mix of events, join Berlin Horizon to do things like yoga, badminton, hiking, and play board games.

13) Berlin: LGBT Guter Sex ist Gesund/ Good Sex is Healthy – Join this meetup group for “An open dialogue about health, sex,sexuality, realtionships, love and the like.”

14) Berlin LGBT Social Club – This LGBT friendly with more than 4,300 members group helps connect you to locals for the express purpose of socializing and having fun. Pro tip – read these reviews about gay dating apps that you can use to meet even more people in Berlin. 

15) Berlin Music Lovers – Connect with Berlin music lovers to have company attending various live events around the city.

16) Berlin Runners – If you don’t want to run alone, join this group who regularly practice running along the Spree, through parks, and more. Their events include meeting for meals, taking on marathons together, and running various short and long distance routes throughout Berlin. 

17) Berlin Wild Swimmers – If you’re into swimming in one or more of Berlin’s beautiful lakes, this group is for you. They even organize trips to the Baltic Sea! Swimmers of all skill levels are welcome. 

18) Cook-Tandem – Connect with other Berliners over your shared love of cooking. The events sometimes take place at someone’s home and other times in a local park. Note – most events have a small cost. 

19) Culti Meetup Berlin: New in Town, Language & Social –This group promises casual and friendly events, including German language exchanges, rock climbing, and more. Join 12,600+ others to start expanding your social circle and having fun in Berlin.

20) Fine Dining In Berlin – If you’re fancy and seek to indulge your inner foodie at some of Berlin’s most elite dining establishments, join this group. They host many private supper clubs and regularly hit up Michelin star restaurants.

21) Friday Evening Drinks – This social group meets every Friday at different bars around Berlin for drinks and conversation. 

22) German with Theater Games – Want to gain confidence and practice your German? Do it in a fun way with theater games.

23) International Activities Berlin – This group focuses on the bar scene and hosts frequent events in different bars around Berlin. They’re massive, with more than 22,000 people, but most events attract crowds of 30-40 people, making it easy to meet new people in Berlin in a more intimate and quiet setting. 

24) International Choir Berlin – Get together with other internationals in the city and belt out all of your favourite hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

25) International Cocktail Party – If you like drinking cocktails, join about 11,000 other Berliners who converge together at the same bar each week to get hang out and drink cocktails.  

26) International and Social Events Berlin – These guys host a recurring meetup called “That Famous Boat party” each Wednesday at a hostel in a boat anchored in the Spree. 

27) International Salsa Meetup – Looking for a hot night out dancing the night away to salsa, bachata, or merengue? Then join this very active and tight knit community who meet for even more than dancing – they go out for dinner together, take swimming lessons, and more. 

28) Internationals in Berlin – A big hitter among the Berlin meetup groups for meeting new people is Internationals in Berlin, with close to 16,000 people in the group. Like many others, they do all sorts of things like go to comedy shows, BBQs in the park, drinks on a boat, and more.  

29) Modern Jive in Berlin – Jive combines several dancing styles like swing, jive, salsa, ballroom and more. Come out and get your dance on. Those with or without partners are welcome.

30) New Berliners Meetup – With around 12,600 members, this group keeps it simple and hosts a recurring event at a bar in Prenzlauer Berg. They too attract smaller crowds of 20-50 people.

31) Opera On Tap – Attend a themed monthly event to enjoy a performance and meet other opera lovers.

32) Over 30s Social – This group regularly meets for wine, trips, walks, and more. Events are on the intimate side, usually attracting 10-20 people.

33) Sketcherei – lifedrawings – This meetup group is for those who like life drawings and attending related events. Supporting sex workers, they also collaborate with the Berlin Strippers Collective – I’ve attended their events, and they’re really fun. Join one of their events to improve your skills and enjoy drawing the human body.

34) Smell Lab – Interested in learning how to make your own perfume? Then this is the meetup for you. Note, the meetups aren’t free, but not only offer the chance to create your own scent, but also meet like-minded scent creators.

35) Spre-chill: Speak German While Chilling In Berlin – People from this meetup come together on Sundays to play games, chat, and practice German. 

36) Terrible Beach Volleyball Berlin – If you like to play beach volleyball, but really suck it, join the people from this meetup for a good time hitting around a ball. Anyone and everyone is welcome. 

37) viaNumo: International Language Fun Social & More – With more than 12,000 members, join this group to meet new people and practice your German. They organize several events per week. 

38) Wild & Wunderbar – Dance & Fitness – Hit up one of their meetups to learn how to dance. Their classes are specifically aimed at those who are single and need a dance partner.

Did we miss any meetup groups? Let us know about others worth mentioning in the comments.

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