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Find a Job You Love in Germany

These guides will help you land a job in Germany. We cover the entire job search spectrum beginning with tips on job hunting and ending with tips about being an employee in Germany.

We touch on topics like:

  • Conducting a job search in Germany
  • Creating a standout job application, including a CV and cover letter
  • Acing job interviews
  • Building up a professional network
  • Figuring out which visa is right for you
  • Knowing your rights as an employee

Career Boost


The Berlin Life is pleased to announce the pending launch of Career Boost Germany, an online learning portal where you can enroll in flexible and affordable mini-courses to learn about how to find work in Germany.

Tailored specifically for the English-speaking German job market, acquire the essential techniques to create job applications that will get you noticed by German employers. Master strategies to ace German job interviews, negotiate a generous employment offer, and more. 👀 Get a sneak peek.

Job Search Tips

Embarking On Your Job Search In Germany

For the lucky few, it’s fairly easy to find a job in Germany. For others (aka most of us), it’s much tougher – especially when you’re new to the country and unfamiliar with the culture, language, and other norms.

Our guides offer up plenty of tips to get you started with navigating the German employment market, informing you about where to search for jobs, obstacles you can expect to encounter (and how to overcome them), what the most highly demanded jobs are, and more. 

Job Application Tips

Create A Kickass Job Application To Get Noticed By German Employers

Our helpful guides to creating a job application package in Germany are unique in the sense that we refrain from pushing outdated practices such as putting your marital status or photo on a CV or pointless ones like adding your physical signature to a cover letter. Follow our guides on how to write a proper cover letter and CV, know what mistakes to avoid, and more.

Job Interview Tips

Ace Interviews In Germany

Interviews are hard anywhere, but interviews can be pretty intimidating in Germany lasting several rounds, involving trial days, take-home assignments, coding challenges, and so much more. Follow our advice to ensure you do well in your job interviews.

Other Resources

Networking Tips

Build a Professional Network in Germany

When you’re new to a country and don’t know anyone, how do you go about meeting people and creating a network? Use our guides and resources to start connecting with others in Germany.

Visa Tips

Visa Types In Germany

If you’re from outside the EU, migrating to Germany can be full of paperwork and other hurdles. Use our guides to learn about visa types, new immigration laws in development, and more.

Employee Info Tips

Working As An Employee In Germany

Germany has a lot of protections in place for employees that are much different than other countries, like how sick leave is handled, long notice periods, and much more. Use our guides to learn more about your rights as an employee in Germany.