With career coaching, create a job application that will help you find your dream job in Germany.

Have you been applying for jobs in Germany and finding you’re not getting any responses? Are you aware of the norms for job applications in Germany? Do you find some of the guides out there confusing, outdated, and full of bad advice?

I can help you! I’m an experienced career coach who’s been living and working in Berlin for 10+ years. My mission is to help you create a job application that tells a compelling story about who you are, the unique things you offer, and why a company should hire you. 

Not only this, I aim to help candidates prepare for job interviews in Germany. Work with me to learn what to expect from German job interviews, know appropriate responses to questions, and practice mock interviews. 

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The Berlin Life - Career Coaching

Are you applying to multiple companies and see you aren't getting any responses?

There are a number of reasons as to why this happens. Honestly, we could talk about this over coffee (or beers!) for a really long time.  

 A lot of it boils down to people not knowing how to present themselves in their job applications. Sometimes it’s due to English being a second langauge and more often than not, people downplay their skills, education, and experience, and more.

How I Can Help You

We can work together to create a job application that will land you interviews. Through coaching sessions, we can talk about how to best showcase your skills, education, and experience. We’ll examine the types of roles you’re applying for and decide how to position you for the job. Also, there’s probably things you haven’t thought about even putting on your CV that may be important to add. 

By the end of the coaching session, you’ll have a draft CV or cover letter that you can use for all future job applications. Not only that, you’ll know how to customize it for future job applications as well. 

The Berlin Life - Career Coach Cheryl Howard

Why You Should Work With Cheryl

Cheryl’s a Canadian who’s been living in Berlin for the better part of 10 years. She’s held a number of different visas and worked as both a freelancer and a permanent employee for various companies in Berlin. She even found a new job during the pandemic. That said, she knows what it takes to find a job in Berlin.

Cheryl’s also worked as a hiring manager and knows what German companies want from candidates. She’s seen the common mistakes that people make on their job applications and during interviews. Cheryl knows that people often don’t match the person on their CV’s, as they’re usually way more amazing.

Cheryl is here to help you you bring out your best self in your job applications and interviews.



This (CV) feedback is golden for me! I feel like this will place me in a better standing as a candidate! This a great service and helps me feel more confident in the process of moving. Thank you so much for the work that you do.

Dayna J, Los Angeles

I hate writing resumes. Thankfully Cheryl made the experience much better. I’m confident my new CV will bring me many new opportunities. Thank you Cheryl!

Victor T, Toronto

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Interview Coaching

How Career Coaching Works

1) Once you book a session and complete payment, you’ll receive a link so you can book a date and time.

2) A minimum of one week prior to meeting, you’ll send me your CV or cover letter, so I can start preparing.

3) My preparation includes the creation of a personalized coaching workbook where I deep dive into your CV or cover letter and provide extensive feedback, like design/content suggestions, things for us to further discuss, and more.

4) When we meet, we’ll review the workbook together and discuss certain areas in greater depth. Based on our discussions, I’ll offer further feedback and suggestions. As we undertake this exercise together, you’ll learn how to structure a CV or cover letter on your own, in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner.

5) At the session’s end, you’ll have a better understanding of how to position yourself in German job applicaions. You’ll also walk away with a workbook (forever yours to keep) to guide you in creating the next version of your CV or cover letter.

6) As an added bonus, after revising your CV or cover letter, you can send it to me for a free review.


Coaching Call The Berlin Life Cheryl Howard

Coaching Feedback Example

If you’re curious to know more about the type of feedback I provide, here’s an example:

    My client worked as a department head leading a team of statisticians and analysts. This is how they listed one of their responsibilities on their CV:

    • Made the plan of duties according to the main plan of office

    Reading this sentence, it’s not clear what those duties are or what they bring to the table.

    During our call, we talked more about their role and unearthed so much more information. We developed several new points, but here’s a couple:

    • Oversaw the implementation of the overall strategy for the department, ensuring all goals were delivered on time 
    • Managed a team of three department managers, providing guidance and support as needed

    See how much more powerful that reads? 💛 

    Career Coaching FAQ

    1) Why do CV and cover letter coaching sessions need to be booked separately?

    Both involve a different process and based on my approach, it would be impossible to cover both topics in a single session.

    2) How many sessions should I book?

    If you wish to create a complete job application (a cover letter and CV), book two sessions at a minimum. 

    3) What does an interview coaching session look like?

    Interview coaching sessions are customized based on your needs. We can do a mock interview together, work on appropriate answers to common questions, or talk about the general things to expect from German job interviews. If you purchase interview coaching, we’d meet once before our session to discuss your specific requirements and agree on an agenda together.

    4) I'm unsure about booking a session. Can I speak with you first?

    Yes, I offer free 15-minute consultation calls where we can address your questions, discuss how I can help you, and review in more detail abut how the process works. Book a free call now.

    5) Do you offer discounts?

    If you’re in a tight spot financially, get in touch and we can discuss a discounted rate.

    6) Do you offer refunds?

    All bookings are final. If I receive your CV and cover letter and feel that no improvements need to be made, I’ll happily issue a full refund.

    7) Can I reschedule?

    You’re permitted to reschedule one time only, so long as you notify me 24 hours in advance.

    8) Do you offer sessions in person?

    All sessions are done online via Google Hangouts or Zoom.

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