What’s on this week? What’s on this week? There’s been lots of changes to the Skilled Immigration Act. The numerous strikes have been hard on everyone. Stop sharing your CVs on Facebook. Do you like being in the office?

We cover all this and more in our Mar 11, 2024 edition of The Berlin Life newsletter.

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Personal News

Sometimes, I’m going to overshare.

⭐ I officially passed probation on Feb 29. To celebrate the occasion, I headed to London for a short holiday. It was a much-needed break! It was also nice to just not work and focus on having fun. 🥂

⭐ The week before my holiday, I went to the office three out of five days. As a person who’s accustomed to working from home, while fun – I found the experience completely draining. I love working from home, where I get to wear comfy clothes, make my coffee, chill with my cats, and get deep into focus work.

Where do you stand on working from home vs going to the office? Take part in the poll.

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General Community News

News from The Berlin Life community.

⭐ We’d originally scheduled our community mixer for Wed, March 13 @ 7 pm. Due to personal reasons, I need to reschedule it to Wed, Apr 5 @ 7 pm. Come on out to meet new people and build up your personal and professional network in Berlin. Everyone is welcome. The location’s TBD, but expect beers, good food, and cool people. The event is free, so secure your spot now.

⭐ After a successful Salary Trends survey last summer, a team of volunteers around Handpicked Berlin is running the survey again. You can participate in March and results will be published mid-April. Fill out the form in either English or German.

⭐ One of our community members is hosting a cool event, Debugging C++ Code: A Practical and Interactive Guide. Join to not only sharpen your C++ skills but also meet others in your field.

⭐ Read last week’s newsletter: Weed is finally, kinda, sorta legal in Germany! And other news. Weed is finally, kinda, sorta legal in Germany. A court ruling may free up thousands of rental flats in Berlin. Germans are working well past retirement due to “pension poverty”. There are going to be public transit strikes across the country this week. The number of school dropouts in Germany is on the rise. 💸

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Food For Thought

Interesting articles about the art of looking for work, humourous memes, or other useful gems floating around the web.

Everyone speaks English in Berlin

⭐ No words are needed for the above meme (one of my creations)! laughing

⭐ I’m seeing an alarming trend in some of the Germany-based job-seeking Facebook groups. People are sharing their CVs there in the hopes of being hired – CVs full of so much personal information that scammers could easily commit identity theft and open credit cards in their names. DO NOT share your CVs in random Facebook groups. Aside from the risk of identity theft, most of the people in those groups are also job seekers, not recruiters. Dropping your CV into these groups is not a good use of your time. Get on LinkedIn, or whatever German job search site, and apply to relevant jobs for companies where you want to work.

⭐ All About Berlin shared on Twitter, that Toytown Germany is no more. Anyone who’s been in Germany for a long time knows how helpful, and simultaneously unhelpful, the forum could be at times. I got advice from other foreigners there countless times over the years, so a big chunk of history just went poof.

⭐ A list of countries that have the highest rates of death due to obesity where oddly, Germany ranks near the top.

⭐ If you’re a woman looking for a new opportunity, check out this job board from Munich-based nushu.

⭐ Blinkist shares ways to deal with negativity and remain more positive.

⭐ Lauren McGoodwin, founder of Career Contessa, offers a new way to frame bullet points under your career experience on your CV.

⭐ The Berlin Tech Workers Coalition has a packed calendar of great events coming up like a social potluck, a session introducing the concept of work councils, and more.

⭐ You can now follow my favorite recruiter, Adam Karpiak on Instagram. He’s brilliant, funny, and honest, and best of all, posts humorous job search memes, as well as the worst of job ads he sees.

Companies Hiring

German companies hiring right now. Also, follow our LinkedIn page for job postings between newsletter blasts. 💪​​

⭐ Creative Dock | Munich

⭐ Onfy | Berlin

⭐ HomeToGo | Locations across Germany

⭐ DigitalService | Berlin

⭐ ai informatics | Locations across Germany

⭐ SoundCloud | Berlin

⭐ Kolibri Games | Berlin

 German Startup News

German startups that recently received funding, were acquired, built up staff, etc., and could be good places to look for jobs.

⭐ ​Sunhat​ | Cologne | ​Jobs​

⭐ RobCo | Munich | Jobs​

⭐ Yendou​ | Berlin | Jobs​

⭐ Assemblio​ | Stuttgart | Jobs​

⭐ Ecoligo​ | Berlin | ​Jobs​

⭐ Heyflow​ | Hamburg | ​Jobs

⭐ phelas | Munich | Jobs ​

⭐ INSRD | Berlin | Jobs

⭐ Greenlyte | Essen | Jobs

⭐ ENVIRIA | Frankfurt | Jobs

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Cheryl Howard, Founder @ The Berlin Life

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